About us

Meet Doris Wetzel, founder of the kitesurf Monki school and discover the different freelance activities.


Her career path

Former top-level sportswoman in Olympic sailing, passionate about water sports

  • 4 times German Champion
  • State Diploma DEJEPS Nautical air-powered gliding, kitesurfing
  • Master 2, Management and Engineering of board sports, Bidart/Bayonne
  • 11 years of experience in management, distribution and product design,
  • Founder of the kitesurf Kiteschule Monki


Her past and future challenges

Crossing the Mediterranean by kitesurfing

between Port Camargue and Bizerte (Tunisia) in 2017.

Crossing the North Atlantic in kitesurfing

She wants to become the first person to kitesurf across the North Atlantic between New York and France in 2021.

This unprecedented sports project will be put at the service of energy transition, science and the environment.

The accompanying boat, a 60-foot catamaran equipped as a research vessel, will criss-cross the Atlantic to collect data to help analyse climate change and simultaneously test new maritime mobility solutions.


Freelance activities

Kiteboarding instructor

  • Are you looking for a kitesurfing instructor?
  • You have difficulties to find the rare pearl?
  • At the height of the summer season, your courses are fully booked and requests are pouring in?

Let's work together! We can help you to either find an instructor or to help you in the term course and take care of your trainees.

Mental coach

  • "It's all in the head"
  • "I had a mental breakdown"
  • "I couldn't handle the pressure."

As many sentences as an athlete or coach has ever read or heard.

After 10 years of experience in top-level sport, motivated by ambitious challenges and curious to discover new horizons, Doris Wetzel has quickly integrated the notion of mental preparation into her sports training.

Passionate about this field, she trained with Christian Ramos, https://www.appli-mental-plus.com.

She became a mental coach with the desire to push the trainees and athletes she accompanies to their highest level.

  • Want to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits?
  • Work on surpassing oneself, discovering one's best self?
  • Get to know yourself,
  • Learn to manage your emotions.

Our brains are very flexible and that's a good thing.

With tools such as dynamization, relaxation, autogenic training, internal speech, setting up routines or mental imagery, the mental trainer can train the brain and thus optimize physical and technical training.

Mental preparation allows the athlete to see the athlete as a whole. By taking into account all areas of the athlete's life, the athlete is able to better understand his or her functioning and thus accelerate the learning process.

Join the movement of the intelligent athlete! Contact us for more information!

Kite and business

Spending time together brings people together.

Spending time together around a board sport brings people together even more!

Are you looking for a way to work on team cohesion, to share a convivial moment as a team, full of emotions?

Choose an event around kitesurfing and board sports!

In an exceptional environment in the water and on the beach, you will share intense experiences around a fun sports challenge.

Live moments of sharing and thrills, create links between colleagues, strengthen team spirit, get to know each other better and work together!

The Monki team will be happy to organise your professional events. We offer teambuilding activities, workshops, seminars and conferences around sports, water sports and board sports.


To offer you quality courses and allow you to progress.

State qualified instructor DEJEPS Kitesurf, CREPS MONTPELLIER.

New equipment adapted to your level of practice.

Courses given in French, English or German.

Security (materials and equipment) and supervision of the courses.