Monki kitesurf school

From kitesurfing to wingsurfing, our mission is to transmit you the passion of board sports whatever your level of practice.


Kitesurf, kitefoil and wingsurf lessons

The kitesurfing school Monki, located at the gates of Montpellier, offers kitesurfing, kitefoiling and wingsurfing initiation courses and training sessions, from beginner to intermediate level, as well as coaching sessions for experienced to expert boarders.

Montpellier, with its beaches and wind conditions, offers an extraordinary playground to learn kite surfing, kite foiling or wing surfing whatever your level.


Qualified instructors

Our courses and workshops in small groups

Our courses and workshops are held in small groups, which encourage:

  • Mutual aid
  • benevolence
  • and conviviality

Everyone learns at their own pace, but often it is motivating to observe others progress. Getting out of your comfort zone and overcoming your fears can be more natural when you learn surrounded by other students.

In permanent contact with your instructor

You are equipped with a walkie-talkie, so you can quickly apply the instructor’s advice.

Right at the beginning of your training

You are equipped with a walkie-talkie, so you can quickly apply the instructor’s advice.

  • You will work in pairs,
  • You will be sharing a wing with another intern.
  • But very quickly, as soon as the wind conditions and your level allow it, you will be flying your own kite!

Equipment for beginners as well as for experts

The equipment is adapted to your level of practice and the wind conditions.

As in any sport, it is difficult to determine a typical progression pattern. The speed at which you learn to kitesurf, wingsurf or wingfoil depends on your experience, your fitness or your personality.

Be zen, many paths lead to boarding, we adapt to your learning profile!

Rest assured, we strive to optimize practice time on the water!

Board sports are best learned on the water to test, feel, try, fall, observe and start again.

Theory time is reduced to a minimum, without being neglected!

Practical Lessons


Quality navigation equipment

The Monki kitesurfing school is equipped by F-ONE, the French leader based in Pérols near Montpellier. Our kitesurf kites, boards as well as our wingsurf and foil equipment are locally manufactured

In light wind

In order to be able to offer you courses in light wind, we have cell foils, FLYSURFER PEAK. These single-skin type foils fly even with a light breeze. This allows you to fine-tune your flying in light winds.

For lighter sizes and children

We have kite wings dedicated to light and children's sizes, allowing you to learn how to fly in complete safety. These kites are soft on the bar and generate only a small amount of power, even on a piloting error.

For kite lessons and kitesurfing initiation courses

Dedicated to small and big children, we have all kinds of kites, monofil, two lines of different shapes and colours!

With equipment in excellent condition that adapts to different wind conditions, you progress in serenity and good humour.


Ride safely

Supervised by state-qualified instructors

Learn safety precautions and how to use the kite release devices in the first lesson.

Instructor intervention at all times

The trainees are equipped with walkie-talkies, allowing the instructors to intervene instantly.

Secure learning environment

We choose the learning spot according to the weather conditions and your level.

Our safety boat

A Lomac 540 Club, the preferred model of kitesurfing schools, is specially equipped for teaching kitesurfing, foiling and wingsurfing.


Its learning spots

We choose the spot according to the weather conditions and your level of practice.

All lessons take place on one of our spots in the bay of Aigues‑Mortes and around Montpellier. We access it by motorboat.

The beach of Aresquiers

Between Villeneuve-Les-Maguelone and Frontignan there is 10km of beach where you can learn to kitesurf, foil, wingsurf and other water sports.

This spot works very well from south-west and north-west.


Small jewel of the bay of Aigues-Mortes which offers exceptional learning and sailing conditions especially by thermal, south-east and north/north-west winds.

The current can be strong, especially from the south-east.

The sandbank Port Camargue

It is a small piece of land facing the south beach in Port Camargue and in line with the beach of Espiguette, accessible only during the summer season.

This spot works well with north-west, west and south-east winds.

Teaching in open water

Certain weather conditions favour teaching in the open water, with a departure from the motorboat.

Shore wind, south-east wind with big waves, private lessons or simply a wake session on a glassy body of water, no need for a beach to enjoy!

No need for a beach to enjoy!


Introductory courses or workshops over several days

If you have never kited before

You progress faster by opting for a training course over several consecutive days.

In this way you allow your body to assimilate movements more easily and you may even acquire some automatisms.

If you have already done a training course but you have not practiced for some time

Plan at least one session before returning to your initial level. For this reason, we advise you to start on a course of at least three days, in order to avoid frustration and to progress in complete serenity.

And if you are really not sure whether the kite or wing is a sport for you

Book a one-day introductory or discovery course.


To coach you and help you progress

The team of the kitesurf school Monki is composed of professionals at your disposal to accompany you in the practice of kitesurf, kitefoil, wingsurf and other board sports.

Doris Wetzel, Monki founder

A former high-level sportswoman, practicing kitesurfing, sailing, surfing and wingfoil, and a graduate, Doris will be your instructor.

Speaking German, English and French, she will reassure you and help you progress.

I want to share and transmit my passion for the sea and board sports. Creating a kitesurfing and multi-boarding school was the logical consequence for me. It will allow me to encourage as many people as possible to practice these sports.

CAROLINE VACARIE, Communication and Press Relations Officer

With 18 years of experience in press and public relations communication in Paris, Caroline Vacarie founded her agency: "CMV Communication" specialized in communication consulting, press relations and event promotion.

Passion, high standards, integrity and surpassing oneself are the values that drive and govern Caroline, through dynamic and playful communication, made of sharing and synergies.

MANU PALAU, physical and mental trainer

Inventor of the Manu method: coupling physical preparation with mental preparation and thus identifying the athlete as a


He adapts the physical preparation session to the athlete's capacities with the intention of taking him out of his comfort zone and thus favouring rapid progress.

With more than 20 years of experience in coaching, he has a solution for everything!

His passion and versatility have led him to follow athletes in many disciplines such as team sports, board sports or combat sports.

Each exercise is thought out and adapted to the detail to help the athlete progress while keeping the final goal in mind.


They trust Monki


  • Local brand from Montpellier, French leader in the kitesurfing market
  • Specialist in board sports equipment: Kite, Foil, Wing, Stand up Paddle and Surfing
  • Designer of equipment for schools to pro riders


  • German kitesurfing and paragliding brand,
  • Specialist in land wings and snowkites
  • Innovative kitesurf kite designer dedicated to children's education


  • Kitesurfing kite repairs
  • Manufacture of lines for all brands


  • Kitesurfing kite repairs
  • Manufacture of boat upholstery and accessories

AD’OCC Sport Occitanie

  • Business incubator in the sports and tourism sectors
  • Support in business creation


  • Support in business creation


  • Camping by the sea in the town of Palavas-Les-Flots
  • Mobile home rentaland private pitch
  • Ideally located close to the kitesurfing teaching area
  • Near kitesurfing spot for autonomous riders (in south-east, south and south-west winds)


  • Dry port in the commune of Palavas-les-Flots
  • Secure Boat Storage
  • Guaranteed 7/7 launching


  • Naval mechanics
  • Lomac and Yamaha Dealer     
  • Ideally located close to the kitesurf teaching area
  • Near kitesurfing spot for autonomous riders (in south-east, south and south-west winds)


  • Kitesurf
  • Foil
  • Wing

MENTAL PLUS - Christian Ramos

  • Mental preparation for sportsmen and women
  • Professional training


  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • 360°-Videos


  • Manufacturer of board sports equipment
  • Innovating to maintain a high level of technology


  • French manufacturer of kitefoil and kitefoil boards in Savoy, France.
  • Manufacture of carbon kitesurfing bars


  • Renewable energy made in Occitania
  • Marine Energy
  • Offshore wind farms off the coast of Gruissan


  • Agency specialized in extreme, alternative and outdoor sports
  • Bringing together sports athletes and private and public companies for the creation of events

We are more than a kiteboarding school

We are located in a region that offers exceptional conditions for board sports: wind, sun, fine sandy beaches

...and sometimes waves.

Our ultimate goal would be to make you fall in love with this beautiful region so that you can come back, progress with us or practice your new passion in all serenity.



To offer you quality courses and allow you to progress.

State qualified instructor DEJEPS Kitesurf, CREPS MONTPELLIER.

New equipment adapted to your level of practice.

Courses given in French, English or German.

Security (materials and equipment) and supervision of the courses.