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The dream of flying is as old as the world.

What if you were the one flying over water? With kitefoil, it's possible!


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Course content

  • Foil Theory: A little theory to understand how foil works and learn technical terms. You will learn... quickly... about the wing, stabilizer, fuselage, mast, roll, pitch and yaw. But don't worry, our priority is to get you to practice as much as possible!
  • Know how to handle and steer your board: You first learn how to handle the foil and which mistakes to avoid. Heavier and more cumbersome than other kite supports, you have to get the hang of how to position it safely.
  • Waterstart: Learn how to steer and manipulate the foil board so that you can put it on easily and avoid possible mast hits.
  • You learn to master the foil board by sailing with the foil in the water.
  • If the conditions and sea state allow it, we offer you a towed foil session behind the motorboat. Without a kitesurfing kite, you can focus 100% on mastering the board and experience the first flights.
  • First flights: Experience your first flights over the water! You will discover the right positioning on the board to keep your balance once on the foil.
  • Manoeuvres: As soon as you get addicted to the unique sensations of sailing on a foil, you want to know more. The next steps: transitions, air-jibe, airtrack, 360°...


Learning to kitefoil

Kitefoiling consists of sailing with a hydrofoil under the board. This "plane", composed of a fuselage, a wing and a stabilizer, allows you to take off from the water.

The board is then no longer in contact with the water... And there, the sensations are just magical! Pure gliding, the feeling of flying over the water!

Learning how to kitefoil requires a good control of the kitesurfing kite. The lessons are for experienced kitesurfers. Experience in kitesurfing would be a big plus.

Beginning in foiling can seem unsettling. You feel like a young beginner again. But you will find your marks quickly!

The important things to master before you start:

  • Knowing how to control your wing;
  • Mastering the piloting of the wing in light wind
  • Knowing how to pilot your wing with one hand in all wind conditions


Comparison with kitesurfing

The differences

Your board is equipped with a mast with what is called a "plane".

When learning and handling the foil, one tends to forget all this underwater gear. So, beware of hitting your shins or cutting your feet!

While a twintip is light and easy to handle, the board with foils is rather bulky.

Knowing the right technique makes it easier to put your foil in the right position to put it on.

Also, you have to become familiar with the slightly different operation. The main difference compared to sailing a twintip is the support.

On a twintip in navigation, the rider's weight is more on the back foot. On a foil, it's the opposite!

To start, put the weight on the front foot and then gently rebalance on both feet.

For a comfortable position, i.e. a more balanced weight distribution between front and rear foot, the foil adjustment is essential.

The similarities

Foiling is at least as magical as kiting in twintip or surfkite! It's worth hanging on and practicing until you master this new support because from the first time you fly, you want to continue forever!

We don't call it Magic Carpet for nothing!

The piloting of the wing, whatever your support, works the same way...but you have to perfect your piloting in light wind.

Mastering the downloop for manoeuvres is a plus!


Course duration

Off season

The courses take place over a half-day of about 4 hours, morning or afternoon.

In high season or depending on conditions

The school is considering full-day sessions

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Kitefoil Courses

Individual lessons or lessons for two with personalized coaching, accompanied navigation and theoretical debriefing, you will discover a unique board sport.

Towed Kitefoil

The towed kitefoil or kitefoil simulator is an excellent educational tool to discover the gliding on a foil.


If you are between 13 and 75 years old and you sail independently in kitesurfing.

If you are frustrated by not being able to kite in light winds.

Or simply want to expand your playground and enjoy the long rides?

If you agree, sign up for a kitefoiling course and join the lightwind riders’ movement.




Kitefoil course

A 4-hour course with personalized coaching, accompanied navigation and theoretical debriefing, you will discover a unique board sport.


Off season:

January/ February/ March/April/ October/November/ December (except week-ends, public holidays and school holidays)

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