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Find all the useful information to book and organize your kitesurfing, kitefoiling and wingsurfing lessons and courses offered by the kitesurf Monki school.


Book your course

To book one of the board sports courses offered by the kitesurfing school Monki, fill in the booking form and indicate the date and the desired activity.

Don't forget to fill in the name and information of the student.

Nous vous recontacterons pour finaliser votre réservation.

We will contact you to finalize your booking.

Accepted means of payment:

In order to confirm the reservation, we ask for a 50% deposit. The entire course must be paid before the start of the first course.


Are you looking for accommodation for the duration of your workshop?

Here are Monki's great accommodation tips:

Campsite Le Palavas Tohapi

In a mobile-home or on a camping pitch, you stay in front of the beach, with your feet in the sand and a few minutes from the kite spot.


Leading French rental site for sports enthusiasts. Book a rider's accommodation around Montpellier!

Studio La Grande Motte for 4 people

Accommodation on the ground floor with terrace, quiet, 200m from the beach, fully equipped, with TV, wifi and private parking.


The French site for motorhome rentals between private individuals.

Camping car area on the canal

If you come by campervan, you can rest by the canal and a few steps from the school, the centre, and the beaches of Palavas-Les-Flots.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information!


Equipment retail

In order to guarantee the best quality of our equipment, the Monki kitesurfing school renews its equipment throughout the year.

You can find our listings online

  • Le bon coin
  • Les petites annonces du kite


Find the Monki kitesurfing school

The spots to learn kitesurfing are not easy to reach by car. We go there by boat.

Welcome and departure with our boat

Quai de l'île Cazot

Rue des hirondelles

34250 Palavas-Les-Flots

07 60 01 94 98


There's a parking lot near the center. 500m from the center you will find a closed parking lot free of charge.


Administrative formalities

To make your course go as smoothly as possible, here are the formalities to be settled beforehand:

  1. To have subscribed to a civil liability insurance which includes the practice of kitesurfing, wingfoil, wakeboard and SUP. To be insured in CL for kitesurfing is mandatory. The Monki kitesurf school is affiliated to the AFKite (Association Française Kite). Click here to subscribe.
  2. Before your course, you must subscribe to your " student " insurance online, valid 365 days worldwide, at the rate of 25 €. If you plan to practice outside of a school, subscribe to the insurance practitioner at 35 €. To subscribe, please click here.
  3. Be in possession of a medical certificate authorizing the practice of kitesurfing, kitefoil, wingfoil, wakeboard and/or SUP. Download the document to be filled in by your doctor.
  4. For minors: parental authorization. Download the document.
  5. A certificate authorizing the intervention of the rescue services and the transport to the emergencies.

As stipulated in the decree of 9 September 2015, each trainee must feel comfortable in the water, be able to immerse himself, and know how to swim the required distance, i.e. 25m. If need be, you must be able to present a certificate mentioning the success of the planned test (Order of 9 September 2015 relating to the prerequisites for practising in the physical and sports activities establishments mentioned in articles A. 322-42 and A. 322-64 of the sports code)


Frequently asked questions

To make your course go as smoothly as possible, here are the formalities to be settled beforehand:

Do I have to bring my own neoprene suit or other equipment?

The kiteboarding school provides equipment such as neoprene wetsuit, harness, buoyancy vest and helmet.

However, we do not have accessories such as neoprene slippers, beach shoes, gloves, lycra, neoprene top or other. It can be interesting to equip you personally.

If you already practice a water sport and you have your own wetsuit, you can use it during the lessons.

Can a member of my family attend my kite lesson?

The kitesurfing or kitefoil lessons take place on the learning spot adapted to the weather conditions of the day.

The kitesurfing lesson or workshop will take place either on a beach around Montpellier (Palavas-Les-Flots, les Aresquiers, l'Espiguette, Port Camargue) or in the open water.

We access the practice area by motorboat.

Sometimes, it is difficult or long to reach it by land. For legal reasons and as places are limited on the boat, we can only take a family member if that person books a course or rents equipment.

Please contact us for more information.

I practice kitesurfing autonomously and wish to progress on one or several manoeuvres (toeside navigation, jibe, jumps...). If I book a coaching session, will the instructor have the time to take care of me knowing that he is also managing beginner trainees

Yes, he will have time.

The learning of kitesurfing is done in a small group, 4 kites in flight. This rule also applies if this group contains experienced trainees.

To facilitate communication, you will be equipped with a walkie-talkie so that the instructor can coach you from a distance. No need to come back to land to get advice, so you gain in practice time.

What happens if the weather conditions do not allow for practice?

Here are a few examples (non-exhaustive list) of unfavourable weather conditions:

  • Insufficient wind for my level of practice
  • Wind too strong for my level of practice
  • Waves too big to practice or travel by motorboat
  • Outside and/or water temperatures too low
  • Outside temperatures too high (heat wave)
  • Thunderstorm or heavy rain

If you have booked an à la carte course, we will reschedule that course.

If you have booked a course over several days, we offer alternative activities (example: wakeboard session or SUP outing).

In case of health crisis, we postpone or cancel the course.

I'm a windsurfer, would I learn kitesurfing or wingfoil faster?

Knowing how to windsurf or kitesurf will facilitate the approach of a new board sport. These sports have some points in common but differ on others.

We invite you to read the article on this subject on our blog.

At what age can you learn to kitesurf?

First of all, it depends on the child's motivation. Kitesurfing is a demanding sport to learn. The child will only be able to overcome the more difficult moments if his motivation is real.

Secondly, the psychomotor development of the child must be considered. We have seen the emergence of little champions who were 10 years old. Learning to kitesurf is very easy from 13 years old and 40 kg.

At Monki, we teach the basics of kitesurfing to children from 6 years old in a playful way and with adapted equipment. The kitesurf school has material and equipment adapted to small sizes and children allowing a safe learning process.

Generally, there is no need to skip any steps. It is better to wait if you feel that your toddler is not ready yet. It would be a pity to disgust him for life from such a magnificent sport!

To get the most out of my kite, wing, foil or SUP course, what equipment should I bring?
  • Sunglasses with cord
  • Wind too strong for my level of practice
  • Beach shoes or socks (as the sand can be very hot in summer)
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap or hat
  • 1.5l water bottle
  • A snack and a picnic for day courses
  • A towel or a poncho
  • Neoprene booties, windproof and cap in high an off season

Download this information here.

What is the payment procedure for kitesurfing lessons and courses?

We ask for a 50% deposit at the time of booking and full payment in the morning before the start of the lessons or courses.

Where is the meeting place and can it change from one day to the next?

The meeting point is located Quai de l'île Cazot, Rue des Hirondelles at Palavas-Les-Flots.

You can park either in the car park near the center or in the closed car park free of charge 500m from the center.

The meeting spot does not change. However, an exceptional situation, such as unfavourable weather, may require adjustments. But do not worry, your school will keep you informed!


We accompany you in the discovery and practice of sports activities regardless of your level.

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