Kitesurfing and wingfoiling spots around Montpellier


The beaches around Montpellier are ideal for the practice of board sports.

L'Espiguette, Port Camargue south beach/north beach, le Boucanet, La Grande Motte, le Grand Travers, le 74, le Petit Travers, Roquilles beach in Carnon, Palavas-Les-Flots, Villeneuve-Les-Maguelone, les Aresquiers, so many possibilities to enjoy the exceptional conditions that this region offers !

And last but not least, let's not forget Beauduc, a little further away but this spot is worth the trip!

The Monki kitesurf school chooses the learning spot according to the weather conditions and the riders' level of practice.

Espiguette beach

  • Favourable winds: south, southeast, southwest, northwest.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced riders
  • After session: L'OYAT Plage

Do you dream of wide sandy beaches, wide open spaces and wild nature? 10km of endless sand, the change of scenery at the Espiguette beach is guaranteed.

The kitesurfing spot is accessible by boat or on foot. Allow 500m and 15 minutes walk at least.

In the summer period, the spot is very popular not only with kitesurfers but also with boaters and holidaymakers.

Between kitesurf schools and swimmers, it is sometimes difficult to find a safe place to ride.

The spot is best suited during thermal wind, wind from the south-west sector, and by Tramontane, wind from the north-west sector.

The Tram blows side/side-on this beach.

Port Camargue - South Beach

  • Favourable winds: north-west (THE spot by tram around Montpellier!)
  • Suitable for experienced riders, especially in the summer period.
  • After session: Cafés/Restaurants near the spot

Our favourite: It's the spot for pros and locals alike.

To ride on the south beach, you already need to have a good level in kitesurfing.

When the conditions are favourable, especially by Tramontane, north-west wind, there are a lot of people. Knowing how to ride upwind, recovering your board in tow, mastering the take off and landing of the kite on a reduced space, these are the skills you need to have acquired before riding there!

This spot also works in westerly (onshore) and northerly (sideshore) winds.

Le Boucanet

  • Favourable winds: West (and with waves, even better!).
  • Suitable for experienced riders.
  • Post-session: A la playa
  • With a westerly wind, this is the dream spot!

Add a few waves and you have THE wave spot of Aigues-Mortes Bay! Don't miss the few memorable sessions that this spot can offer.

It is also passable by wind from the south sector.

La Grande-Motte

  • Favourable winds: south, south-east, south-west
  • Suitable for beginners (if the waves are small) and experienced riders.
  • After-session: The Marine Sol next to the technical area, hotspot for sea lovers

La Grande Motte offers two areas reserved for kitesurfing to all autonomous and experienced riders.

One is located on the "Terre-plein Ouest" next to the port (beach of the setting sun, beach access n°14-15), the second is located at the "Grand Travers" (beach access n°60).

These spots operate by south-east, south and south-west.

With a south-east wind, the spot in the port can become a formidable wave spot!


  • Favourable winds: south, southwest
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced riders

The spot of the 74, beach access 74 at Petit Travers and the beach of Roquilles operate with winds from the south-east to south-west sectors, even west.

The 74, the main spot for foilers in summer, offers exceptional practice conditions to all autonomous kiteboarders. Summer thermals can turn your outings into Endless Summer sessions followed by an aperitif at the beach!

Les Roquilles beach is forbidden for kitesurfing in the summer season, but outside of the summer periods it is an excellent spot by south-east.

The waves are sometimes chaotic, so much so that the locals have given it the name of Destroy beach.


  • Favourable winds: south-west, north-west with safety boat
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced riders
  • Compulsory safety by offshore wind, Tramontane
  • After session: Carré Mer

The kitesurfing area in Villeneuve-Les-Maguelone is located between the large car park and the Cathedral. During the summer period, this is the only spot authorized in Villeneuve-Les-Maguelone.

By thermal wind, this spot is magical!

By Tramontane, offshore wind from the north-west sector, safety is ensured by the KWM, kitesurf association close to the spot. Find out more on their Facebook page!

The beach of Aresquiers

  • Favourable winds: south-west, north-west with surveillance and safety boat, also navigable by south/south-east north/north-east wind with safety boat.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced,
  • Caution: Safety boat and essential surveillance by offshore wind!
  • After session: At the playa with friends or in your kitesurf school

Les Aresquiers beach is 10 km of wild beach, accessible almost only by boat.

This spot is perfect to learn kitesurfing and to practice your favourite sport by thermals, side-on wind from the south-west sector, and by Tramontane, our dominant wind blowing from the north-west.

Warning: Tramontane is an onshore or offshore wind. An offshore wind pushes you out to sea. A boat and a security person are required! Never practice in an offshore wind without safety equipment! Plan a supervision!

Teaching and practice in the water

  • By Tramontane, north-west wind, and by north-east, the kitesurfing schools teach in the open water from their boats.
  • The equipment is either prepared in advance or at the beach, then during the course you drift away from the coast. You can then concentrate solely on learning your future favourite sport.
  • Thanks to the walkie-talkie, you will benefit from the advice of your instructor.

To do: Enjoy tramontane conditions and join the Monki school on a downwind!

Northeast Sector Wind

It's a wind that is difficult to exploit in our bay, but nothing is impossible!

Indeed, the wind blowing off the side from Port Camargue, south beach, is very irregular.

In summer, a beautiful north-easterly breeze can get up early in the morning, which augurs well for exceptional thermal conditions in the afternoon.

And why not take advantage of this little morning thermal for a supervised sailing session? Contact us!

A little further away but still within reach: Beauduc

  • Favourable winds: Mistral, south wind, southwest wind, west wind
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.
  • After session: At the camp with friends

Oh là là, Beauduc!! Beauduc's kitesurfing spot!!!

Natural site located in the Camargue not far from Arles!

If you know this place out of the world and out of time, you've already fallen in love with it!

If you don't know this spot yet, go there and discover one of the best kitesurf spots in Europe!

It's true that the access on track is tedious, but Beauduc is worth the detour!

Small paradise of the south, a real jewel of nature, here are some nicknames more than deserved for the beach of Beauduc!

Not only is it an exceptional place to practice but also a place where nature fills us with wonder and that transforms your stay into an adventure.

Bring mosquito repellent! Small bugs become aggressive at nightfall.

The Beauduc kite spot is a nature reserve and is threatened with closure. Access to the beach by car is prohibited not only for the preservation of the environment but also to allow safe kiteboarding. The bivouac is possible 200m from the beach on solid ground.

Please take into account the gauge at the entrance of the park which limits the width of the vehicles (2.10m wide, no height limit). Larger vans sometimes have to remove the side mirrors to access the park.

The CKC, Camargue Kite Club, a kitesurfing association created in 2017, is working hard to maintain the access of kitesurfers to the spot but it is the duty of all of us to protect this raw jewel.

So, we could enjoy it for a long time to come!


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